JAZZ – with this chair you will get a very airy and easy impression in the room.

JAZZ comes with a peppy, elegant and generous formed seat shell in plastic. The frame of metal looks like a
well balanced dance of filigree – together it all gives a very fine well performed construction of the chair.
JAZZ is a light weight chair, has great comfort and stability. Take a seat, enjoy and simply relax in this chair. 

The JAZZ chair can be delivered with the seat in the following colours:
Mat White – Mat Black – Mat Anthracite
(the metal frame and the wooden legs will always be black) and also with finest cover of KENIA/SIERRA leather in the following colours: Brown – Cognac – Anthrazite
Measurements of the chair: 57 x 60 cm (W/D)
Seat height: 46 cm
Armrest height: 67 cm
Back height: 82 cm


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